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We’ll ask a few quick questions to help build your 4M JOBS Profile, and walk you through creating/uploading your first resume on 4M JOBS.
Your Profile

Your profile is the key to making 4M JOBS work harder for you. The more you tell us about yourself, the more opportunities you’ll have to take advantage of our many tools and services.

Your profile is used to provide job offers and recommendations that are customized to meet your career needs. It is always recommended to also have a visible resume for employers to find.

Try to keep your profile up to date. If there are changes to your career, interests, education, or other details in your profile, remember to update your information to keep the personalized services coming.

The following sections are included on your 4M JOBS profile and can be updated at anytime:

  • Contact Information
  • Photo
  • Professional Overview
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Domain Expertise & Job Role
Using search on home page

Keywords are words, phrases, and terms that you can enter to describe educational and professional experiences, skills, and company names. They are used to search for Jobs containing those words in their Descriptions. By typing in various keywords, you will maximize your chances of retrieving Jobs that most accurately match your search.

Start your job search with the keywords that relate to the type of job you are looking for. They could be the skills that you have, designations of the jobs that you want, or the qualifications that you hold. In addition you could be giving the city name, company that you want to work for etc.

  • If you are a graduate, with some experience in a call center looking for a job in Bangalore – you should give “BPO Team Leader Bangalore” in the keyword box.
  • If you are a qualified network administrator, with the required technical qualifications – you should give – “Network administrator” in the keyword box.


  • Multiple search words will give you more results.
  • If you are searching for phrases, then use ” ” around the phrase.
    Example: “Sales Manager” “Art Director” etc.
  • If you wish to avoid some words in the job description, then write those words with a minus in front of the job.
    For example:: Sales -FMCG will give you jobs with the word sales in them, but only those without FMCG

The keywords that you give are searched for in the Title of the job, Key Skills asked for in the job and the entire text of the job description in that order.

The jobs are sorted on relevance by default. The most relevant ones appear at the top.


Advanced Job Search

The keywords that you provide could be the skills that you have, designations of the jobs that you want, or the qualifications that you hold. In addition you could be giving the city name, current company name, etc.

Example: Fresher, Java, Programming, J2ee, Marketing manager online Bangalore, Service Manager Bank Bangalore, Telesales BPO outbound, etc.

Job location

Provide the name of the desired city for job. In case, you are not particular then choose Any Location.

Total experience

Give a numeral like 1, 4, 8, etc. Do NOT type in with decimals like 1.5 etc. If you are looking for a job in the IT industry and have less years of experience in it as compared to your total years of work experience, then only enter the experience in the IT industry specifically.

Example: If you have a total of 8 years experience, but have been in the IT industry only for the last four years- then type 4 in the box.

Company type

Company Jobs are posted by corporates trying to fill the positions for their own requirements.
Placement Agencies Jobs are those posted by consultants or agencies who have been hired by corporates to fill their requirements. Choose All option for seeing the maximum number of results.

Accessing Your Profile
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Browsers that are compatible with our site:

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  • Safari (latest version)
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How do I clear my cache and cookies?
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